Here is the Daily 365 Week 5 Recap featuring posters from the Peru, South Africa, Japan, Cuba, India, Austria, Australia, and Haiti. I included Haiti in this recap even though it was TECHNICALLY week 6 of May but I didn’t want it to be on it’s own. There are so many countries in this post that I want to visit. The photos were beautiful and I really enjoyed using a lot of color in the backgrounds.

As always, as I keep going making these posters, I always end up making new favorites. Japan is one of my faves, as I LOVE cherry blossoms. Cuba is another because of the colors. The country is so full of color and so vibrant. It was fun implementing that into this poster. Austria is another favorite due to the fact that it is just a beautiful country in general. So much greenery! It’s hard not to love. And not to mention, it reminded me of The Sound of Music. 

This theme overall was a lot of fun. There is a new theme coming for June!