Here is the Daily 365 Week 4 Recap featuring posters from the Netherlands, Ireland, Costa Rica, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Portugal, and Egypt. One country that I absolutely love and MUST visit one day, is Ireland. I did two posters that day since Northern Ireland is the UK and separate from the country of Ireland, even though they’re both on the same island of Ireland. So confusing. I didn’t want to leave Northern Ireland out, so I did a poster for that too!

Two of my FAVORITE posters of this entire month happened this month. The first being Switzerland. My sister traveled around Europe in 2018 and sent me some photos she took of Switzerland that I used in this poster. An absolutely breathtakingly beautiful country. I can’t wait to visit one day. The other poster that is a favorite of mine is Egypt. I just really love how this one turned out with the background colors, photos, and layout.