June marks a new month and that means a new theme! I am planning on having a new theme for each month to keep things interesting. I don’t want things to get stale or to get bored doing daily designs. The theme for this month is FLOWERS. Everyone has a favorite flower, they’re always pretty to look up. I love the vintage feel of plant posters. This month will be fun for sure. Here is the week 1 recap featuring designs for the California Poppy, African Violet, Calendula, Aster, Sunflower, and Daisy.

The African Violet is especially special to me as it was one of my Mom’s favorite flowers. She covered every surface of her house with these little guys. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers and was also one of my Mom’s favorites as well. She used to grow tall ones in the front garden. They were as tall as the house. Enjoy the posters!